enviroware  AerscreenEZ is a friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the AERSCREEN model, the screening version of US-EPA AERMOD dispersion model. Aerscreen EZ is a great tool if you do not have met data available and there is no need for a more advanced dispersion model provided that you have the right requirements.

  AERSCREEN calculates the ground level concentrations (GLCs) for the plume centerline of a single source. The calculations are done by AERMOD, which is forced to work in screening mode, in this way the worst-case concentrations are calculated.

  Besides AERSCREEN, AerscreenEZ seamless interfaces all the programs needed to carry out a simulation: MAKEMET (meteorological conditions), AERMAP (terrain information processing), AERSURFACE (surface characteristic), BPIPPRM (building effect) and AERMOD (air dispersion simulations).

sesion04 murguia05  The use of general purpose steady state Gaussian models (e.g. AERMOD) for predicting Odour exposure levels around the vicinity of an industrial site has been considered an accepted practice for many countries around the world for more than a decade now.

Murguia Walter1, Pagans Estel·la2, Heike Hauschildt3

1. Odournet México, Jardines de Madrid 7622, Monterrey, México. wmurguia@odournet.com T. +52 (55) 5677 1319

2. Odournet SL, Parc de Recerca UAB · Edificio Eureka, Barcelona, Spain.

3. Odournet Gmbh, Frauenhoferstr. 13, Kiel, Germany.

 sesion05 fernandez pablo  The present work is a joint venture project conducted by the Uruguayan Technological Laboratory (LATU), the National Directorate of the Environment (DINAMA) and the Río Negro’s local government. It consists on the application of different methodologies to address the problem generated by the presence of unpleasant odours in Fray Bentos, Uruguay.


J. Zarauz1, C. Luzardo1, A. Curutchet1, L. Francois1, M. Hill2, P. Kok2 y P. Fernández2 jzarauz@latu.org.uy

  1 Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay (LATU) -Uruguay; 2 Dirección Nacional de Medio Ambiente (DINAMA) -Uruguay

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