A Harreveld   Currently, odour modelling maps represent a static photo on the impact assessment in P98, 1h. This information allows the proper design of odour control measures, regarding emission reduction or better dispersion. However, this information is not enough to carry out an operational and proactive odour management, which is associated with the operations at installations.

   A digital platform like EnviroSuite is a technological product which provides a comprehensive solution, able to manage environmental risks in real and predictive time. The main objective of this platform is to improve operational efficiency in the industry, through business planning and environmental compliance approach.

A.V. Harreveld*, L. Rodríguez and E. Pagans

Odournet S.L., Av. Corts Catalanes, 5-7. Nave 3. Parc Empresarial Trade Center. 08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

new epa calpuff version   The USEPA approved in July 2016 an update of CALMET and CALPUFF from V5.8.4 to V5.8.5. This update includes code changes described in Model Change Bulletin H and include fixes to bugs in the implementation of PRIME downwash, along with updates to eliminate specific compilation and list file errors. Three years later after the last update approved by the US EPA, this second revision is still falling short for odour dispersion modelling.

   The CALPUFF Modeling System is a non-steady-state puff dispersion model that simulates the effects of time- and space-varying meteorological conditions on pollution transport, transformation, and removal. According to the US EPA CALPUFF can be applied for long-range transport and for complex terrain.

metdata Meteosim has launched now "Metdata", the first worldwide meteorological modelled data-set for performing simulations using AERMOD, CALPUFF and ADMS dispersion models with open and transparent pricing. Weather series are generated through the combined use of modelling data by the Weather Research and Forecasting System (WRF) meteorological model with remote sensing data and instrumental information worldwide.

 There are a few companies around in the globe that sell meteorological data for dispersion modelling. However this is the first one to our knowledge that offers a public and transparent pricing to acquire meteorological data for your modelling. With "Metdata", the company Meteosim offers a flexible and fast way to calculate costs of met data acquisition. For example, the price for a WRF set of data ready for CALMET/CALPUFF varies between 250€ for 1 year of data and a resolution of 9 km, and 4250 € for 5 years of data and a spatial resolution of 1 km.

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