4th GRAL User Workshop will be hold in Innsbruck, Austria, on 12 – 13 March 2019

gral gui   The 4th Graz Lagrangian Model - GRAL User Workshop will be held in Innsbruck, Austria, on 12 – 13 March 2019. This recent lagrangian model is offered with a free GUI available in both Linux and Windows and has a special module focused on odour dispersion modelling. The workshop aims at giving an overview about all new developments, and it offers a distinct possibility for an informal exchange with other users and their specific experiences.This workshop is free.

 The Graz Lagrangian Model - GRAL - was initially developed in 1999, and has been used extensively in regulatory assessments and scientific studies. The initial driver for the development of GRAL was the need for a model that could deal with the frequent low-wind-speed conditions (< 1.5 m s-1 for up to 90 per cent of the time) in the inner-Alpine basins of Austria. Some papers have recently being presented that compares the use of the GRAMM/GRAL in some odour emitting facilities. This software is freeware, but the code is unfortunately closed.

 The Linux version of the GUI is developed for the MONO 4.5 framework. Almost all functions of the windows version are available, except the 3D visualization and the clipboard functions. GRAMM/GRAL can also be run using .NetCore, which can be used for both Windows and LINUX systems. In fact and according to the authors, GRAL runs much better with .NetCore.

    If you are interested in showing your experience with the software please contact the organizers. Presentations should preferably deal with experiences using the GRAMM/GRAL models, problems, highlights, specific requirements in other countries, or future needs. Experiences with other dispersion models, presentations are welcome, too.

  More info about this workshop register on the website here.



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