METEOSIM offers the first worldwide service for Met data with transparent pricing

metdata Meteosim has launched now "Metdata", the first worldwide meteorological modelled data-set for performing simulations using AERMOD, CALPUFF and ADMS dispersion models with open and transparent pricing. Weather series are generated through the combined use of modelling data by the Weather Research and Forecasting System (WRF) meteorological model with remote sensing data and instrumental information worldwide.

 There are a few companies around in the globe that sell meteorological data for dispersion modelling. However this is the first one to our knowledge that offers a public and transparent pricing to acquire meteorological data for your modelling. With "Metdata", the company Meteosim offers a flexible and fast way to calculate costs of met data acquisition. For example, the price for a WRF set of data ready for CALMET/CALPUFF varies between 250€ for 1 year of data and a resolution of 9 km, and 4250 € for 5 years of data and a spatial resolution of 1 km.

   With this set of prices, dispersion modellers will be able to deliver quotations adapting the figures to their client's need focusing on what they know best: modelling.

   There are a few types of outputs offered by this company:

  • AERMET-ready: data generated in the SAMSON (.sam) and TD-6201 (.ua) formats supported by the AERMOD model. SAMSON format is for surface met data, and TD-6201 for upper air data.
  • CALMET-ready: data generated in the 3D.DAT format supported by the CALMET model.
  • CALPUFF-ready: data generated in the WRF.MET format supported by the CALPUFF model (without running CALMET).
  • ADMS-ready: data generated in the MET format suitable for use in the ADMS model.

   Meteosim is a technological consulting company from Barcelona created as a spin-off company in 2003 through the partnering between the members of the Department of Astronomy and Meteorology of the University of Barcelona (Spain) and the American Company Meso Inc., (Troy, New York). This company have an extensive experience supplying meteorological information for different sectors and adapting their solutions for specific requirements.

   For more info about the Metdata service by Meteosim check this link.

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