US EPA update the approved version of CALPUFF to V5.8.5

new epa calpuff version   The USEPA approved in July 2016 an update of CALMET and CALPUFF from V5.8.4 to V5.8.5. This update includes code changes described in Model Change Bulletin H and include fixes to bugs in the implementation of PRIME downwash, along with updates to eliminate specific compilation and list file errors. Three years later after the last update approved by the US EPA, this second revision is still falling short for odour dispersion modelling.

   The CALPUFF Modeling System is a non-steady-state puff dispersion model that simulates the effects of time- and space-varying meteorological conditions on pollution transport, transformation, and removal. According to the US EPA CALPUFF can be applied for long-range transport and for complex terrain.

   In the case of odor dispersion studies, CALPUFF should be used instead of other gaussian systems such as AERMOD in most of the cases, for many reasons.

   The CALPUFF modeling system is comprised of CALMET, CALPUFF, geophysical data preprocessors, meteorological data preprocessors, and several postprocessors designed to operate on CALMET and CALPUFF output files. This system is periodically revised by the EPA, however this process is not as fast as the release of new versions by the company Exponent.

   In fact, the latest version of the developers of the model is the V. 7. (CALPUFF V7.2.1, CALMET V6.5.0 and CALPOST V7.1.0). This version is far ahead of the version 5 just approved by the EPA. That means that at this stage, there is still no way to use subhourly met data in the current version approved by the EPA. This is a pity cause subhourly data are key for odour modelling.*

For more info about this release, please check the official website


 *Barclay Jennifer J. and Borissova Milena, Potential Problems using AERMOD to implement current odor regulations for WWTPs,, 5th IWA Conference on Odors and Air Emissions,San Francisco, 2013

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