The team developing the high-resolution model system GRAMM/GRAL, inside the Institute of Thermodynamics and Sustainable Propulsion Systems at Graz University of Technology, has just released the new version 23.11.

   GRAL 23.11 has been compiled for .NET 8!
- The GRAL release is no longer published as an all-in-one file by default. This means that the user must install the .NET8 Runtime!
- For Windows users, a published version as a single-file is still available in a separate download!

   The division of the company Lab Service dedicated to Interlaboratory testing, InterCinD, is already organizing its annual Proficiency Test for Olfactometry based on the new EN 13725:2022. Any European olfactometric laboratory is invited to participate in this edition to confirm compliance with the performance criteria.

   Registration is currently open for this year's Proficiency Test organized by InterCinD. The registration period will continue until August 4, 2023. This is one of the major Proficiency Testing (PT) exercises organized in Europe in the topic of odour.

   We are thrilled to announce the culmination of three years of dedicated work resulting in the world's first international handbook focused on the assessment of odour exposure through dispersion modelling. This initiative aimed to bridge a gap in existing guidelines for odour management and other guidelines related to dispersion modelling and now the first edition is available for download.

   The handbook tackles the intricacies of modelling odours, acknowledging the unique characteristics of odour incidents often perceived in seconds or minutes, thereby challenging traditional dispersion modelling modes. Emphasizing exposure is critical for accurately calculating the impact of odours on ambient air, particularly during calm or very low wind speeds when dispersion is constrained.

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