The National Science Foundation's (NSF) of the USA is launching its Convergence Accelerator annual research grants with the collaboration of two Swedish research agencies. This year is, however, special because there will be funds for projects related to Real-World Chemical Sensing Applications for the first time. Many funds, up to 750.000 dollars for 48 projects.

   This grant is offered to projects related to tools, technologies, and applications to address challenges in chemical sensing. In particular, this grant is focused on the following topics:

   The second draft of the international handbook on dispersion modelling is now available and open for comments. There are now 45 days to submit comments. Your comments are welcome if you are an expert in odour management or dispersion modelling. The due date to submit comments is 9 July 2023. The final version of the handbook is expected to be ready by September 2023.

   More than 50 experts worldwide signed up for this initiative in 2020. Currently, around 20 volunteers are actively involved in developing this document. Monthly meetings were held online on the last Thursday of each month at alternative times separated by 12 hours to have a more equitable distribution of time slots for volunteers from different time zones.

   Finally, after years of work, we are pleased to inform you that the proposed Spanish standard PNE 77270 "CONSTRUCTION OF COLLABORATIVE SMELL MAPS THROUGH CITIZEN SCIENCE" will be open for public information from May 17th to June 25th.

   On 16 May 2023, the Spanish Official Journal (BOE in Spanish) published the draft UNE standards that the Spanish Association for Standardisation has in process, corresponding to the month of April 2023, among which is the text proposed by the group that has been working for several years on the standardisation of the use of citizen science for odour mapping.

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