The year 2022 is just coming to an end. We are about to close a wonderful year. The lockdowns look like they are over in most countries, and slowly, we are returning to our past, but with new ways of life and many lessons learned. This year has also come with fantastic news for the odour managers, and we will write about that in another post. 

  In this post, we just wanted to wish you merry Christmas if you are a Christian or a happy Holiday if you are enjoying these complimentary days in your country. We hope you enjoy these festivities with your family & friends, and we invite you to continue with us next year for more about odours here at 

CET journal volume 85 odour management   Chemical Engineering Transactions (CET) Journal is an open access media that focuses in the publication of original research and review articles in chemical, food, process and environmental engineering. Yesterday CET published its 85 volume with a special delivery of papers related to odour management.

   This volume publishes some papers presented during the last NOSE 2021 conference that took place online from 19 to 21 April 2021, This is a nice piece of information available for free that any odour manager should read at least once. One more time CET is delivering high quality content related to odours.

mpdi special odour   Atmosphere is an online international, peer reviewed, open access journal of scientific studies related to the atmosphere. Very well-known experts on odour management have published several papers related to odour management in this journal along these years. Last year the editors decided that it was time to launch a special edition dealing with environmental odours and well-known odour experts Dr. Martin Piringer and Dr. Günther Schauberger served as Guest editors for this very special issue. Now the papers have being published.

  This Special Issue of Atmosphere treats the entire chain from the odour source via the dilution in the atmosphere, to the assessment of perception-related odour exposure to the assessment of annoyance, to abatement strategies. The contributions were presented last year and there are already 10 papers published.

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