imprenta   We are happy to share with you that the final version of the Program of the III International Conference on Odour Management (in Spanish) that will take place in Bilbao is now available. We still have to update the program including some more information of our sponsors and some extra helpful information for the attendance. However, the program of the oral presentations is definitive.

   If you are the author of an oral presentation or if you are an attendant, you can check the schedule of the presentations.

Check or download the last version of the program here*.

   *Unfortunately, only in Spanish.

labaqua sta trans2   LABAQUA is one of the leader companies in the field of analytical laboratories as well as Environmental Solutions. Last year LABAQUA merged with the company STA-AT, which has a broad experience in performing odour studies and supplying technology related to gas emissions of VOCs and odours. The Labaqua-STA team joins us in this III Conference about odours as Silver Sponsors.

   We are glad to count on the support of the company Labaqua-STA, which becomes a new member of our sponsorship group for this III International Conference about Odours in the Environment that will take place in November in Bilbao, Spain.

logo tsgchile  The Synergy Group (TSG) is the only Chilean company that integrates vertically in the same company all the services for the odour management: conditions assessment, control and neutralization, R&D laboratory, and monitoring and checking. With more than 20 years experience in this area, TSG will be a Gold Sponsor in this Conference in Bilbao (Spain)

  We are delighted to announce that the Chilean company TSG joined us again in this event. We want to thank them and welcome them as Gold Sponsors to the III International Conference about Odours in the Environment, which will take place the 23-24 of November 2015 in Bilbao, Spain.

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