call for abstracts Bilbao 2015


  It is open now the inscription period for abstracts. However due to how close in dates is the International Water Association IWA, we have thought that there is no point in having two international conferences in English separated for just one week. We will inform about this decision in another post.

   We really regret the situation created but we don't think it is a good idea to interfere with the IWA, we are not that much people working in the same topics and there is no point in having too many conferences in a year.

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    This time, the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and are organizing the III International Conference about Odours in the Environment, the 23-24 of November 2015 in Bilbao, Spain. Estimation and evaluation of odour emission in the environment usually involves the assessment of several issues, starting with odour emission through estimation, evaluation and impact. The program of the Third Conference of Odour emission in the Environment will issue these topics and current development in this field and will serve as a reference point for the development of further trends. Please note that the official language of this III International Conference will be Spanish.

    In the first Conference in Madrid, Spain, we got 60 people and put them all in a conference hall for two days to discuss several topics related with odour management. We also got 5 booths there. In the second conference in Santiago, Chile, we did a simultaneous translation and we brought the best experts in different fields. This time we got 170 people and 10 booths from different companies. The aim of this III Conference of odours in the Environment in Bilbao is to expand the critical mass of people involved in the management and evaluation of odours, including scientifics, consultancy labs, technicians, regulators, etc.

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