10 days left to send your paper. Hurry up and write!

send papers  The Conference is getting close and all the papers need to be reviewed. The 1st June is the deadline for sending all the papers and our scientific committee is eager to review them, so hurry up!

   You can download the format for the paper of the Conference in this link.

   Meanwhile we have also some good news to share with you. We are glad to tell you that we have two sponsors at this stage. The company Ecometrika is our new Gold Sponsor and the company Odournet has decided to be a Silver Sponsor. We really appreciate the support shown by these two companies who have always there along these years. Thank you guys!

   We have some meeting planned with some other potential sponsors. We truly believe that this is a fantastic spot for you to be present at the biggest conference on odours in Spanish language, so get in contact with us and don't miss this opportunity!

  On the other hand, the organizing committee has met several times to discuss some more details of the conference. We have contacted several industrial groups, companies and industrial associations to show them about this III International Conference and we have made hundreds of phone calls.

    During the next weeks, lots of letters and brochures will be sent to many companies, professional associations, industrial facilities and so on. If you feel there is any group that need to be contacted, just let us know and we will contact them. We count on our opinion and expertise to extend the call to all the people interested in the odour management, so publish the news in your website, blog or in linkedIn.


Cyntia Izquierdo

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