iii conferencia oloresorg nov 2015 86 Large   These are the pictures we got of this Third International Conference on Environmental Odour Management that took place in Bilbao, Spain. You can see a slideshow by clicking in any of them.

   Download any picture by clicking and selecting 'Save picture as' or with the icon descargar located below each photo.

   Thank you again for being part of this conference. We really enjoyed the experience but it is time to pass the torch to other people and that is why we funded the new association AMIGO.

   Hopefully soon you will hear more news about the activities of this new group of interest.

successful attendance   The event, which will take place at the Paranymph of the Basque Country University in Bilbao will be having a record number of over 150 attendees and exhibitors, underscoring the increased interest in environmental odour management. This way we have reached the maximum capacity of the auditorium.

   Registration for the show reached an all-time high this time. The number of  companies that will display their products at the III olores.org conference is also at a record high as 10 companies have reserved booth space at the show. There will also be 6 posters in the poster session, so be sure you don't miss them!

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