programa conferencia borrador   Just published! From now on, you can have a look and download the provisional program of the III Conference of Odours in the Environment in this link (only available in Spanish).

   All the abstracts have been reviewed and accepted so far by the Scientific Committee, so we are delighted to announce that the Conference will be successful.

abstracts   The following list includes all the abstracts presented for this Conference. The scientific Committee is now evaluating the quality and the content of the abstracts presented. The order of the abstracts presented has been preserved, however there are some small exceptions. 

   We are still open to receive any abstract you may send us, but chances are there that it will probably be a poster, as we are running out of free slots for presentations.


More than 30 abstracts presented  The call for abstracts is closed and we are very happy to share with you that we have got over 30 abstracts presented for acceptance in this III Conference on Environmental Odour management in Bilbao. The quality of the abstracts in general is outstanding, so we are sure we will have a very inspiring event.

- But hey! did I miss something? I did not see any call for abstracts!.

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