Introduction to olfactometry

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  When measuring odours, 2 different methods can be used depending on the characteristics of the Odours (1).

  •   Physicochemical Methods: Gas Chromatography, FID, piezoelectric sensors (electronic noses), colorimetric tubes, etc.
  •   Sensory methods: Olfactometry, Nasal Ranger, psychometric assessment, etc.

  The physical-chemical methods are suitable when the Odorous compound is known or when we pretend to monitor the emissions of certain installations in continuum to control the presence of gas leakages associated with odorous compounds. This methods are not very specific or sensitive nowadays.

  Although it is a relatively new technique, Olfactometry is presented as the future standard to measure odours until other devices, such as the electronic nose, are further developed.

A Visit to the Facilities of ECOMA in Honigsee, Germany

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ecoma olfatec   In January of this year, visited to the facilities of St Croix Sensory in Lake Elmo, Minessota, USA. A few months later, we have gone to Germany to visit the facilities of ECOMA, a company that produces and sells the TO olfactometers all over the world.  

   On a fresh morning at the end of the summer, nearby the beautiful maritime city of Kiel, Germany, a visit to the facilities of the company ECOMA was arranged.  This company has an experience of over 30 years in the field of odour measurement, and nowadays, is world leader in sells of the known TO series dynamic olfactometers. Therewith, ECOMA advises companies, multinationals and governments in issues related with odour pollution.   

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