AMIGO presents a Guide on Odour Management

   guia AMIGOThe International Environmental Association of Odour Managers (AMIGO) presented in Cali, Colombia its first Basic Guideline on Odour Management, a work developed thanks to the collaboration of more than 20 authors and reviewers from Chile, Spain, Colombia and Argentina.

   This Basic Guideline about Odour Management, (published unfortunately just in Spanish) contains a complete review of the different aspects related to odour management, such as the introduction to odour theory, odour legislative framework in the 4 countries involved, evaluation, management and odour control. This is a basic and practical guide with a didactic objective aimed at the general public, i.e. people who are not experts on the subject.

    The guide was presented for the first time at the International Seminar on Odour Management held in Colombia on 20 and 21 November by Vania Zorich, Vice President of AMIGO and Manager of Envirometrika.

   Later on, this first edition of the Guide was presented in Chile during the bimensual meeting of AMIGO, that took place within the OLORES19 Conference held on 26 and 27 November in Santiago, Chile.

   The first edition of 500 copies was distributed during OLORES19, although a few copies are still already available.

   This guide is offered for free and can be downloaded through the following link



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