A successful OLORES19 Conference in Santiago, Chile

OLORES19   The Conference held in Santiago de Chile, OLORES19, hosted 180 participants from 17 countries. This unique event was packed with many interesting papers, posters and plenty of amazing people.

   This conference was planned to be a week after another event organized in Colombia, that got 150 attendees, so all in all, together with ACODAL we have moved around 330 people interested in odour management in 2 consecutive weeks in 2 countries. That is the biggest concentration of odour-related people ever done in the history. Isn't that amazing?

   People from France, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Netherlands, USA, Portugal, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Spain, Peru, Argentina and Cuba attended the event, so it was a truly international event with 17 countries participating in the event.

  Now it is time to relax a bit and take this time to re-think and plan new strategies ahead.  Remember that all the papers, photos and videos of the event will be available on this website according to our open access policy.

   We will be publishing the papers presented during this event over the next few months so if you are interested in getting updated subscribe to our free newsletter.

  We would like to thank to all the people involved in this event. We got a positive feedback so all in all we are quite satisfied with the result of the event.


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