Meeting of the WEF AQOC committee took place this Friday

wef AQOC meeting 2020   Last Friday took place the regular meeting of the Water Environmental Federation (WEF) Air Quality and Odor Control (AQOC) Committee. This meeting takes usually place before the WEFTEC annual conference. In this meeting Mr. Vaughan Harshman handed over the ceremonial hammer to Mr. Mark Perkins who will be chairing the AQOC Committee now. Mr Chris Hunniford was also appointed as Vice Chair of this committee. Both Mark and Chris are well known and relevant people that will do very well here.

   Many other items were discussed during this meeting, managed this time by Mark. The group is preparing the next WEF 2021 Odors and Air Pollutants (OAP) Conference that will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 20 - 23, 2021. To date the organizing committee has received 60 abstracts, and they are working in a preliminary program by the end of this month. This time there will be a combination of traditional and online presentations to help those who cannot travel at that stage.

The well known odor experts Richard (Dick) Pope and Phillip (Phil) Wolstenholme were awarded with the yearly WEF recognition award, for they outstanding volunteer work for the WEF. Both experts have contributed with several projects. Dick has been a committee chair a AOCD member since the very beginning, and he is very well known as organizer of the traditional "meet the speakers" event in each odor conference that we have attended during the last 8 years. Phil has been member of the AQOC for the last 18 years, and he has been involved in the steering committee for many years. According to the award committee, Phil has also had an important role developing odor control benchmarking evaluations.

   Three presentations will deal with odors within the Facility Operations and Maintenance On-Demand Session at this WEFTEC. The first one will be "Odors in the Greenhouse: Emission Investigation and Modeling for Odors and Greenhouse Gases" the second one is "Clearing the Air: Odor Mitigation and Treatment" and the third and last one will be "Scents and Sensibilities: Odors Fundamentals". This last presentation will present some key aspects detailed in the MOP25 book recently published. Around 175 copies of this book have already been sold. Check here for more info.

  Many other interesting  topics were discussed during these meetings, but it is not the aim of this text to write some sort of minutes, but to update a bit about the state of things of the AQOC committee. If you want to know more, we encourage you to join WEF and engage yourself with this fantastic group.


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