New edition of the WEF book about Odor Emissions and Control

WEF BOOK   The Water Environmental Federation (WEF) has recently published a new edition of their Manual of Practices, which addresses odor control for water collection systems. The second edition of “Odor Emissions and Control for Collection Systems and Water Resource Recovery Facilities” will be on sale by the end of May, but pre-order is already available with a 10% discount.

   Odor Emissions and Control for Collection Systems and Water Resource Recovery Facilities, MOP 25, Second Edition, offers guidance to help facility managers, operators, design engineers, and other decision-makers understand nuisance odors and install effective odor control programs. This is "the guide" if you are a waste water plant operator.

    The second edition of this manual contains the latest advances in odor control in waste water conveyance and treatment facilities, including the basic principles of odor testing and emissions, sensory analysis, local and state regulations, public outreach, and the technologies used for odor treatment and control.

   The Manual of Practice will be available on the 25th May. However, if you order your copy today, you will get a 10% discount by entering the following code "PRESALE10" at checkout.

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