Last release of GRAL and GUI V22.03

Gral gui222   The well known Graz Lagrangian particle model (GRAL) system developers, with a free Graphic User Interface (GUI) available in both Linux and Windows, have released the new GRAL and GUI version 22.03 with plenty of bug fixes and new features.

   According to developers, systematic refactoring will improve the prevention of such bugs in the future, as the readability and maintainability of the code has increased significantly.

    This is the list of new features and bugs corrected for GRAL, GRAMM and the Graphic User Interface (GUI) for this release.

GRAL Bug fixes
1. An error that occurred when the operating system reported 0 free processor cores, resulting in a division by 0, has been fixed
2. An incorrect concentration evaluation above buildings for calculations with flat terrain was fixed
3. In the transient calculation mode with flat terrain, building heights were included as terrain in the 3D concentration file

GUI Bug fixes
4. The wind roses for stability classes are determined the same way as the wind roses of the wind speed with classified wind data and applied bias correction (rounding adjusted)
5. The display of vertical slices of 3D concentration fields (transient mode) has been fixed
6. Enumeration issues has been fixed when selecting objects using the left or right mouse button

   The software is open source under a GPL-3.0 license, so everybody is welcome to contribute to the project. The source code, has been published, as usual, in github. The new version 22.03 is available on the GRAL homepage:

   More info about this update may be found here.


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