20 years of odour limit values in ambient air in Germany for Waste treatment.

The German Federal Immission Control Act ( BImSchG ), in its long form the "law for the protection against harmful environmental effects from air pollution, noise, vibrations and similar processes" is the law that. The law itself only regulates the basic requirements. The mainly technical details that are essential for practice are regulated in numerous implementing ordinances (Federal Immission Control Ordinances, abbreviated in German to BImSchV. The 3oth ordinance deals with facilities for the biological treatment of waste and a day as today 20 years ago it set an odour emission limit value of 500 ouE/m3

This Ordinance is applicable to facilities in which municipal waste and waste is treated with biological or a combination of biological and physical processes. This text does not apply to facilities for the production of  compost or biogas exclusively from bio-waste or sewage sludge, nor for the digestion of sewage sludge. In order to ensure that there is no odour impact in the vicinity, a maximum limit of 500 ouE/m3 is set for these activities.


The limit value for odours of the 30th BImSchV

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