A couple of months left for the next Silsoe Odour Study Day

Silsoe 19   The Silsoe Odours Study Day Course is a one-day course, organized by the Silsoe Odours Ltd. designed for  regulators, operators of odorous industries, local authorities, consultants, air quality professionals and abatement equipment suppliers. The Odour Study Day courses have been running over the last 13 years, helping people to know a bit more about ways to measure and manage odours along this time.

   Next Odour Study Day will take place the 23rd January 2020 so this is the place if you are in need of learning a bit more about odour measurement and management. These courses are usually booked up after a short period of time so if you have interest in this course, we recommend you to hurry up and contact the organizers.

    In its thirteenth year, the company Silsoe Odour deliver the Odour Study Day at their odour laboratory at Wrest Park in Bedfordshire, UK, in partnership with RSK-ADAS. There are still a few places left for the Odour Study Day, which includes a taster in the UKAS-accredited odour laboratory of Silsoe Odours.

   Unfortunately, the add-on Odour Study Day with Odour Sensitivity Testing is already booked for January. There are however more of these courses along the year, so do not worry if you pretend to attend to this course in the near future because there are more to come.

   If you are interested in attending this interesting course, go and grab your place here.


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