Record of attendance at the III International Conference on Odour Management in Bilbao, Spain.

iii odour conference bilbao   Just a day after the conference and we are exhausted, but quite happy with the good feeling left behind this event. We had a full room at the Conference hall and we also registered over 1000 connections to watch the plenary sessions in streaming, so we can say that we reached the goal. Along these two intensive days we enjoyed many interesting presentations. Due to the amount of talks, the speakers had to manage dinamically to present a 12-min speach following 3-minutes of questions. Due to this intensive sessions, we seasoned them with 1-hour coffee breaks, to rest and to take the time to enhance the vibrating networking in the room.

  The level of the speakers was exceptionally high and we all truly enjoyed the experiences proposed by the many professionals, universities and private companies that participated in this III International Conference about Odours in the Environment, that took place the 23rd and 24th of November 2015 in Bilbao, Spain. We are very grateful for your support, cause without you, this success would not have been possible. 

   Several talks dealt with environmental odour emission and generation, and later some other presentations discussed about the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), their sources and how to abate them. Some talks dealt with odour sampling and measurement, the odour perception and the impact in the environment. There were a few presentations about electronic sensors for odorant and gas monitoring and about community projects dealing with odour complaints by means of different software.

  The atmosphere around was great in the coffee breaks and lunch. Quite a few meetings were arranged and the networking around was inspiring and extraordinary.

   We will upload all the videos and papers soon in our always growing youtube channel. Mind that unfortunately all the presentations were given in Spanish.



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