Thank you sponsors, readers and team!

team resized   One more year I would like to thank to the companies that advertise in this site, as they make possible that this portal exists. At our primary revenue stream is through the advertisements of the sponsors that you see on our web-site. We depend upon this revenue in order to maintain our operations and continue serving the “odour" communities with news and updates.

   Along this year we have posted over 120 articles with news about conferences, standards, events, courses and new regulations in different parts of the world. All of this in our free time, because we post in just for fun. We actually do environmental consultancy for a living.

   One of the companies that have been always there in the last 10 years supporting our work is The Synergy Group. The Synergy Group (TSG) is the only Chilean company that integrates vertically in the same company all the services for the odour management: conditions assessment, control and neutralization, R&D laboratory, and monitoring/checking. With more than 20 years experience in this area, TSG are always there. For that, I would like to thank you.

   I also would like to say thank you to you, readers of this website, for being there, for reading the posts, for saying us hello, everytime you meet us in any of the multiple events that we are around. It is nice to write things, but it is nicer when someone reads them. Only in 2021 we got over 86.000 pages viewed and to date, we have over 2000 subscribers in any of our 12 mailing lists. Here a screen of our stats in statcounter.

stats year

   Last but not least, I would like to say thank you to all the team that participated in the organization of the 9th IWA odour and VOC conference that we organized this year. I wanted to include a photo of them and the only one I have is this one you see at the begining that we took after the event. So in the picture, from left to right, thanks Maxi, thanks Rebecca, thanks Nerea, thanks Cyntia, thanks Isidro, thanks Zuzana. All this event was coordinated by Cyntia. Thank you Cyntia you did a great job. In this picture is missing Ainhoa, who was also a big part in this event, but who could not finally be there. Thank you Ainhoa!

  So this is a special thank to you all sponsors, readers an team. THANK YOU!!


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Carlos is the editor-chief of and has been in the odour world since 2001. Since then, Carlos has attended over 90 conferences in odour management, both national and international and authored a few papers on the subject. He has also organized a few international meetings and courses. Carlos owns a small company named Ambiente et Odora (AEO). He spends his free time with his wife and his twins, Laura and Daniel, and of course, writing on

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