World's First International Odour Exposure Handbook Released after Three Years of Collaborative Effort

   We are thrilled to announce the culmination of three years of dedicated work resulting in the world's first international handbook focused on the assessment of odour exposure through dispersion modelling. This initiative aimed to bridge a gap in existing guidelines for odour management and other guidelines related to dispersion modelling and now the first edition is available for download.

   The handbook tackles the intricacies of modelling odours, acknowledging the unique characteristics of odour incidents often perceived in seconds or minutes, thereby challenging traditional dispersion modelling modes. Emphasizing exposure is critical for accurately calculating the impact of odours on ambient air, particularly during calm or very low wind speeds when dispersion is constrained.

   A diverse coalition of 52 professionals hailing from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, France, India, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Peru, Spain, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Qatar has collaborated on this initiative. Comprising scientists, consultants, public administration representatives, and other stakeholders, this collective effort ensures a rich tapestry of expertise.

   The initiative organized seven specialized chapters to delve into distinct aspects of odour modelling:

1. Terms, Definitions, Abbreviations and Symbols
2. Meteorology
3. Sources and emissions characterisation
4. Dispersion Algorithms
5. Output dose-response
6. Other approaches
7. Reporting

Volunteers, convening monthly via teleconference, worked closely with these task groups to contribute to the writing and reviewing of individual sections within each group. This structured approach guaranteed a comprehensive and well-rounded exploration of the complexities involved in odour exposure assessment. A total of 35 regular meetings were carried out, plus hundreds of Task Group meetings.

The release of this handbook marks a monumental stride in environmental management, providing a valuable resource for professionals globally engaged in odour exposure assessment. It is poised to set a new standard in odour modelling guidelines and promises to make a lasting impact on the understanding and management of odour-related incidents. The handbook is now accessible through the Environmental International Society of Odour Managers website at



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