Open the call for comments on the second draft of the International Handbook on the Assessment of Odour Exposure using Dispersion Modelling

   The second draft of the international handbook on dispersion modelling is now available and open for comments. There are now 45 days to submit comments. Your comments are welcome if you are an expert in odour management or dispersion modelling. The due date to submit comments is 9 July 2023. The final version of the handbook is expected to be ready by September 2023.

   More than 50 experts worldwide signed up for this initiative in 2020. Currently, around 20 volunteers are actively involved in developing this document. Monthly meetings were held online on the last Thursday of each month at alternative times separated by 12 hours to have a more equitable distribution of time slots for volunteers from different time zones.

   The first draft was distributed internally to participating volunteers in June 2022 for review and comments. In this first phase, more than 300 comments were received and addressed by the seven Task Groups formed. On 25 May 2023, the second draft was published, and this time it is publicly available for anyone to comment on and make suggestions to the draft.

   Jennifer Barclay (Atmospheric Science Global, New Zealand), who has taken the role of the sole convenor, coordinates this work at this stage.

   The document is now more than 300 pages long on the important topic of odour exposure assessment using dispersion modelling. There are now 45 days to submit comments. Your comments are welcome if you are an expert in odour management or dispersion modelling.

   Those who wish to revise the text will be listed as reviewers of this guide, including their names and the number of comments added.

   Download the handbook in the following link. Alternatively, you may visit the website of AMIGO and check in documentation/technical guidances to download the draft.

   To add your comments, there are links inside the handbook. Please note the line number which you are referring to.


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