2019 V Conference Santiago, Chile

RECOPILATION opt   All the papers from OLORES19 Odour Management Conference, that took place in Santiago, Chile, have been published during the years 2019 and 2020.

   This time, the Conference was organized by the website Olores.org, with the collaboration of the International Association of Environmental Odour Managers (AMIGO), the backing of the Ministry of Environment of Chile and with the help of TSG Environmental as local organizer. This fifth International Conference on Environmental Odours and VOCs Management took place the 26 and 27 of november 2019, at the CentroParque Events & Convention Center in Santiago, Chile.

Video    The OLORES19 Conference host in Santiago, Chile, last year was very successful since it gathered 180 participants from 17 countries. The OLORES19 event was full of many interesting papers, posters and a bunch of experts and professionals.

   Summarizing an event of two days into a short video has been difficult, it’s hard to decide which part of the conference should be included and so many has been left out in order not to be too long, as every issue discussed on the conference was incredibly interesting, but we hope you like this short video!

evento neutro   All those who attended the OLORES19 Conference will already know that an attempt was made to create a sustainable event, and that several measures were taken to this end, such as choosing a place that is accessible by public transport, avoiding the use of single-use plastic materials, etc.

   In Olores.org we care about the impact on the environment of our events, that is why we wanted to celebrate a conference as sustainable as possible, in order to minimize the negative impacts on the environment, reducing to the maximum the carbon footprint.


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