Scentroid launches an annual re-calibration service for SM100 and SM100i olfactometers

scentroid sm100 kit   The SM100i uses fixed orifice dilution control and therefore requires minimal re-calibration. However standard, annual re calibration should be performed. As a new service for their clients, the company Scentroid offers their new maintenance Service that includes disassemble and ultrasonic cleaning, re-assembly and replacement of all tubing and seals and a final re-calibration.

   The parts that should be sent for calibration are the dilution System of SM100 (or the retrofit Kit for SM100i), the Face Mask, the carbon filter with the tank valve and all the plates. The annual service and recalibration includes the following:

  • Complete disassembly and chemical ultrasonic cleaning
  • Replacement of all lines and tubes
  • Odour filter replacement
  • Recalibration and functional testing
  • Replacement of the O-rings
  • Reapplication of PTFE coating on the facemask
  • Reassembly by Scentroid certified technician
  • Visual inspection
  • Recalibration using CO or gas collection
  • Recertification

   More info contact the company Scentroid here or check their website.


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