Omniscientis, a project based on odour modelling, citizen feedback and sensor technology.


 The acronym Omniscientis stands for Odour MoNitoring and Information System based on CItizEn and Technology Innovative Sensors. Appart from being a rather complicated way of naming a project, what is there behind this EU funded project?

   This project is coordinated by the Belgian company Spacebel S.A and counts on partners from Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg and France. The idea behind this project is to improve the performance of an Environmental Information Management System, using direct observations from citizens, real time measurement of odours near the sources with sensors, process parameters and modelling odour dispersion.


   This very interesting project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 308427.

   There have been several workshops. In the last one in September in Brussels, there were several presentations and they are all available to download and read. I recommend to anyone interested to have a look to the presentations, cause I think there are a couple of ideas that maybe are not new, but they have been developed and applied to an extend that I have not seen before, so it is worth to have a look to this work.

   For further information, see the website of the project here:


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