InterCinD launches 5 PTs for this year 2024

   The division of the company Lab Service dedicated to Interlaboratory testing, InterCinD, is already organizing its annual Proficiency Test for Olfactometry based on the new EN 13725:2022. Any European olfactometric laboratory is invited to participate in this edition to confirm compliance with the performance criteria.

   Registration is currently open for this year's Proficiency Test organized by InterCinD. The registration period will continue until August 4, 2023. This is one of the major Proficiency Testing (PT) exercises organized in Europe in the topic of odour.

   Similar to the previous year, InterCinD is offering participants an additional option to assess Tetrahydrothiophen (THT) samples alongside the conventional n-butanol samples. This opportunity allows laboratories to compare the performance of THT with that of other participating labs. Participating laboratories have the choice to receive:

  • 10 gas cylinders of n-butanol (consisting of two sets, each with 5 gas bottles of varying concentrations), and/or
  • 3 gas cylinders of THT.

   Any interested lab must complete the registration process before August 4, 2023. Shipments for the selected samples are scheduled for the fourth week of September 2023.

   For those interested, the subscription form can be downloaded here. Learn more about this new PT by visiting their website.


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Cyntia Izquierdo

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