DAM will sponsor the 2021 IWA Odours Conference

  Silver DAM We would like to welcome DAM (Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo) to the 2021 IWA Odours Conference. They have chosen to support the 9th IWA Odour and VOC/ Air Emissions Conference that will take place on the 25th and 26th in Bilbao through silver sponsor.

   DEPURACIÓN DE AGUAS DEL MEDITERRÁNEO, S.L. (DAM) is a company focusing mainly on the operation, conservation and  maintenance of wastewater treatment plants and sanitation systems. They have over 25 years of experience and manage more than 250 installations. As well as this, they have promoted forms of management that conceive wastewater as a resource, in line with approaches of the circular economy, with recovery of sewage sludge from wastewater of WWTP sludge and other waste in composting plants is one of our main lines of action.

    Specifically, in the operation and management of wastewater treatment plants, they have used their experience in addressing the transformation of air quality management. In this sense, they have not only been pioneers in odour monitoring, but also in validating the impact with the citizens, with a commitment to transparency in management and the benefit of all.

   For this reason, they have developed several lines of action for the control and monitoring of gaseous emissions, among which the following stand out:

  • Aerial mapping of odorous gases in WWTPs using drones. SNIFFDRONE.
  • Research and development of new advanced applications of compost generated from sewage sludge in WWTPs. from sewage sludge in WWTPs. Compost Up!
  • Biofiltration of odorous emissions in WWTPs by reusing by-products of the integral water cycle.
    by-products of the integral water cycle.
  • Digital twin for holistic air quality management in WWTPs.

   In addition, they have undertaken numerous studies to improve odour management in sanitation and solid waste treatment plants. They are currently working on the preventive management of odorous gases with digitalisation of key variables involved in odour emissions within the framework of the WoC  (Wastewater Odor Cloud) project. They also participate in a large number of initiatives, such as the AEAS working group on odour management or the working group for the UNE standard on Citizen Science Mapping.

   For these reasons and their commitment to bettering the environment, at DAM they have promoted their own department focused on odour management which, in collaboration with their historical R+D+i department, they are committed to innovation applied to the continuous improvement of service quality.

   Lidia Saúco is the head of the odour and air quality management department at DAM: "As a company that manages WWTPs and waste valorisation centres, the improvement of odour and air quality is one of our main lines of action. The motivation to advance in this field and the participation in different initiatives and debate forums, has allowed us to work with and learn from experts in this field, applying innovative techniques in the techniques in the farms we manage. All in all, for us to participate in the 9th IWA Conference on Odours and VOCs/Atmospheric Emissions is a priority in our vision for the future as a sustainable and environmentally committed company: improving the quality of service is improving our environment".

   To find out more about DAM and the work they do, visit their booth during the conference or visit their website here.

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