WEF webcast Odor Measurement and Monitoring – From the Basics to the Latest, 24 March 2022

webcast WEF odors 2022   From time to time, the Water Environmental Federation (WEF) organizes webcasts related to odor management. This time, the webcast have the title "Odor Measurement and Monitoring – From the Basics to the Latest" and will deal with both an introduction to the science of odor management and with a brief description of the latest advances in this field. This webcast is programmed for this March 24, 2022.

   This webinar will provide a primer on basic principles of odor measurement in both collection systems and in treatment facilities, followed by a look at recent international advancements in regulation, monitoring, and sensing. Ray David of Greeley & Hansen, Alejandro Caicedo-Ramirez of V&A Consulting Engineers and the editor of olores.org, will be speakers in this webcast.

   Webcasts are usually an hour and a half to two hours long. Recommended Professional Development Hours (PDHs) may be earned for participating in most webcasts. Webcasts are available to everyone: members at no charge, and non-members at a $40 fee.

   Past webcasts focused on the dynamics of air flow through collection systems and how it related to the release of odors and on temporary odor control

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