Exhibited Posters at OLORES19 Conference in Santiago, Chile, November 2019

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PostersOLORES9    Five posters were displayed on the "patio" of the convention center during the OLORES19 Conference, that took place in Santiago, Chile, during the 26th and 27th of November 2019. Here you have them compiled by us so that you can check them altogether.

   This event, which took place at the CentroParque Events & Convention Center in Santiago, Chile, was very successful,  and was held in a fantastic conference room, with around 180 attendants from several countries, underscoring the increased interest in environmental odour management. Besides, there were 8 companies displaying their products and services at the reserved booth space and also 5 posters in the poster session.

A successful OLORES19 Conference in Santiago, Chile

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OLORES19   The Conference held in Santiago de Chile, OLORES19, hosted 180 participants from 17 countries. This unique event was packed with many interesting papers, posters and plenty of amazing people.

   This conference was planned to be a week after another event organized in Colombia, that got 150 attendees, so all in all, together with ACODAL we have moved around 330 people interested in odour management in 2 consecutive weeks in 2 countries. That is the biggest concentration of odour-related people ever done in the history. Isn't that amazing?

Workshop introduction to odour management in OLORES19

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pretaller   A workshop on odour management was held on the 25th of November 2019 during the OLORES19 series conference on odour management. Around 30 people attended the event that dealt with basic management approaches to measuring, managing and controlling odours.

   This workshop was designed to close the gap of knowledge for those that did not have a great experience in odour management, to have a better understanding of the talks that were taking place the following day. Attendees from the industry, consultants and members of the Chilean Ministry of the Environment enjoyed this workshop.

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