Salimax, fourth Silver Sponsor of OLORES19!

Salimax    The organizing committee of this amazing event is pleased to announce that the company Salimax will be the fourth Silver Sponsor of the OLORES19 Conference that will take place on November 26th and 27th in Santiago, Chile.

   Salimax is a private and independent company, with 21 years of experience in providing services of analysis, control and studies in diverse areas, such as: Analysis and toxicology of chemical products, Physical-Chemical Properties and Studies of environmental toxicology, this last one, associated environmental measurements and Toxicological Risk Evaluations for different areas of the national industry, as for example: Mining, industrial chemical companies of cellulose, among others, offering quality experience and seeking their clients' and market' specific requirements.

   Among their services, they provide Environmental Odour Management referring to measurement and monitoring of odours through Dynamic Olfactometry (NCh3190:2010 / NCh 3386:2017), Sensory Panels (NCh3533, parts 1 and 2), Measurement of odours with Electronic Nose, Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrophotometry (GC-MS) for identification of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). All of them oriented to the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment (SEA Guide).

   Marcelo Wortsman, General Manager of Salimax comments: " As a national laboratory it is an honour to be able to participate in the OLORES19 Conference, one of the most important events in environmental issues. In Salimax, the manufacturing companies will find the most complete and technical support tool in the market ".

   Learn more about Salimax on their official website here.

   If you haven't registered for the OLORES19 conference yet, don't miss this opportunity and register now! Last vacancies available.


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