Session about odour annoyance in the Chamber of Deputies of Rome, Italy, the 10th of October 2018

odour session rome 2018   Unpleasant odors affecting people life quality are often of great concern for Public Authorities. As well in Italy where the Five Star Movement is organizing a study session on odor annoyance in collaboration with the company Lab Service Analytica: recently awarded with a Horizon 2020 SME Inst. Research and Innovation programme grant for his device OdorPrep. The session on odor annoyance will take place in Rome the 10th of October 2010.

   The deputy of the parliament Gianluca Rospi, from the party Five Star Movement and member of the Commission for Environment, Territory and Work, will open the venue. Prof. Pierluigi Barbieri (University of Trieste), as chairperson of the morning session, will introduce lectures about relevant case studies and experiences with odor harassments carried out by Italian National Public Authorities and the University of Bari and Trieste.

   Then, a focus on odor legislation in Europe and a presentation of new approaches taken in the reference Standard for odor measurement will be discussed by Dr. Gaetano Settimo from Istituto Superiore di Sanità (National Health Institute) and by Mr. Carlos Nietzsche Díaz Jiménez, member of CEN WG2 for Standard EN 13725.

   The company Lab Service Analytica will close the morning session with a speech under the umbrella of the OdorPrep European Project to help to spread the knowledge about odor management in Italy.

   This event is special cause it will take place in a room of the Chamber of Deputies in Rome. The second conference on the subject of odor management in Italian, to our knowledge, after the last event that took place in Trieste.

   To learn more about the event, please write to the contact person of Lab Service Analytica here.

   Download the program and register here.

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