Workshop introduction to odour management in OLORES19

pretaller   A workshop on odour management was held on the 25th of November 2019 during the OLORES19 series conference on odour management. Around 30 people attended the event that dealt with basic management approaches to measuring, managing and controlling odours.

   This workshop was designed to close the gap of knowledge for those that did not have a great experience in odour management, to have a better understanding of the talks that were taking place the following day. Attendees from the industry, consultants and members of the Chilean Ministry of the Environment enjoyed this workshop.

    This workshop dealt with the following topics:

  • Theory of Odours (Introduction) - Cyntia Izquierdo (
  • Odour assessment methods - Laura Rodríguez (Environmental Consultant)
  • Odour dispersion modelling - Carlos Díaz (
  • D-NOSES project - Rosa Arias (Environmental Researcher)
  • Odour control - Carlos Díaz (

   We would like to thank everyone who attended this workshop. We received a positive feedback from the presenters, so overall we are very satisfied with the outcome of the event.


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