Odora2024 Conference Preliminary Brochure

   Olores.org has just published the preliminary brochure of the previously announced Odora2024 conference. Scheduled for 12-13 November 2024 at BEC, Bilbao, Spain, the conference is set to be a key gathering for researchers, industry professionals and enthusiasts interested in the field of odour management.

   The preliminary brochure provides an overview of the topics and themes expected at the event, sponsorship opportunities and participation in the event, anticipating the opportunity to engage with the latest research and developments in the field of odour management. From discussions on the latest advances in odour analysis methodologies to the social implications of odour pollution, Odora2024 promises to offer a rich and diverse programme tailored to the interests of a wide audience.

   Attendees can look forward to engaging presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas in the odour community. Conceived as an experience with renowned experts and industry leaders, Odora2024 is poised to be a hub for innovation and collaboration to advance the understanding of odour pollution and potential solutions in a variety of fields.

   Check the preliminary brochure here (only available in Spanish)


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