Opens the call for abstracts for ODORA24

  The Call for Abstracts is now open for ODORA2024, the upcoming Odour Conference organized by Scheduled for November 12-13, 2024, in BEC, Bilbao, Spain, we invite you to submit for both oral and poster sessions. Take the chance to share your research! The submission deadline is April 15th. The official language is, this time, only Spanish. We are preparing for another event at the end of 2025, and the official language will be English.

   It’s been three years since we organized a conference (the last conference was the 9th IWA Odour Conference in 2021), so we think it’s time already for another one. This previous event had 160 participants from 19 different countries, and the last event organized in Chile in 2019 brought together around 180 people. We aim at 300 attendants.

 The world wants to hear about your research and experience!

  Download the abstract template here (in Spanish) and send it to before April 15th:

  Note that the official language of this conference will be Spanish.

  The following topics are programmed for the next Odora2024 Conference on Odour emissions.

  • Standards, regulations, and legislation associated with odour.
  • Odour measurement, odour perception, impact, formation, and dispersion.
  • Instrumental Odour Monitoring Systems and other sensors.
  • Source characterization and odour mapping.
  • Odour control, reduction, and neutralization.
  • Odours in WWTP, sewers, and wastewater.
  • Odours in waste treatment plants.
  • Odours in agriculture, livestock and fisheries.
  • Odours in animal by-products plants.
  • Odours in pulp, paper and board production plants.
  • Management with affected communities, media, and social action with citizens.

  On this occasion, papers won’t be peer-reviewed. Still, the organizing committee will ensure the quality of the documents to avoid only commercial ones. Abstracts must be written in Spanish and original, with not more than 400 words, following one of the templates provided. The abstract must contain enough information for the organizing committee to review the quality of the paper. Proposals not selected for oral presentation will be considered for poster presentation. Please note that for each selected paper, at least one of the authors must register and attend the event.

  For more information, contact the organization here.


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