A transposition of the German VDI 3880 for sampling on olfactometry in Chile is being discussed.

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prnch3886The committee CL019 of Environment in the Chilean National Standardization Institute (INN) has begun a process to approve a new norm for sampling odours for dynamic olfactometry based on the existing German Norm VDI 3880. The new prNCh3386 Norma Muestreo estático para olfatometría (Standard Static Sampling for Olfactometry) will introduce several new requirements for a better representativeness of a sample. This way Chile will have a more advanced standard on odour sampling.

  Although many aspects of odour sampling will be included in the revised European standard EN 13725, the Chilean Normalization body has understood that there are still a few years left to see the new norm as a reference. In fact, there is a very detailed procedure for sampling odours in the already published as the German Norm Norm VDI 3880, Static sampling. olfactometry. Therefore there is a group of people led by the INN discussing about including several aspects of this standard on a new Chilean standard: the new NCh3386 Norma Muestreo estático para olfatometría.

Sampling in flares. Is that possible? The new Scentroid Drone SC3

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scentroid sampling drone dr3   This is the first sampling drone to our knowledge that it is able to sample plumes such as those from flaring at elevation of up to 120 meters above ground level that were previously very difficult to accomplish. Scentroid has released this new device that will make sampling at very complicates heights easier. 

   It is often necessary to sample stacks, ponds, and other locations where human access is difficult and /or dangerous. Furthermore, operator exposure to dangerous chemicals during sampling must be carefully considered. The Scentroid sampling drone allows the operator to stay safely away from potentially hazardous sources while acquiring the required air sample for laboratory analysis.

Odour formation and emissions: characterisation and impact assessment

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sesion02 pagans03   This study describes the odour and compounds formation in different industry sectors. Exposes methods for odour characterization and impact assessment, recommending dynamic olfactometry according to EN-13725 combined with high resolution chemical analysis, dispersion modelling or direct exposure measurements by field inspections (VDI3940).

E. Pagans1, W. Murguia, R. Arias, A. van Harreveld

1 (Estel·la Pagans).
Parc de Recerca UAB, Edificio EUREKA Espacio P2M2, 08193 Bellaterra.
Tel: 935 929 048 Barcelona. (www.odournet.com)

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