Is this the end of n-butanol for olfactometry?

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   The existing standard EN 13725, first published in 2003, requires revision. The 9th meeting of the group that deals with the revision of the EN 13725 just took place in Antwerp, Belgium. The members of the Task Group that is dealing with the calculation of the uncertainty agreed that n-butanol is probably not representative for all environmental odours. In addition, n-butanol does not necessarily describe the sense of smell for a panelist very well. The new Standard EN 13725 will define a new procedure to design and test any new reference odorant. Is this the end of n-butanol as a reference material for olfactometry?

   The odour concentration of an odorous gas sample is determined by presenting a panel of selected and screened human subjects with that sample, varying the concentration by diluting with neutral gas, in order to determine the dilution factor at the 50 % detection threshold. At that dilution factor the odour concentration is 1 ouE/m3 by definition.

Inco Ambiental is the first lab accredited in Colombia for sampling odours according to the Colombian Standard on olfactometry.

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inco ambiental olor   According to the resolution 2189 of the 7th of October of 2015, the company Inco Ambiental has become the first in Colombia to be accredited by the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies of Colombia (IDEAM) under the criteria of the NTC-ISO/IEC 17025 to sample odours following the Norm NTC 5880

  INCO AMBIENTAL, is an engineering firm specialized in diagnosis and solution of different environmental aspects. This company has been working for over 30 years in the public and industrial sector and it is based in the city of Cali. 

The New Olfactometric Laboratory according to the Standard NTC 5880 in Medellin, Colombia

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lab GSA olfactometric   The Colombian companies GSA and TQI have joined forces to create the first olfactometric laboratory in Colombia not linked to a public sector. This lab is in the process of accreditation for the ISO/IEC 17025:05 according to the Colombian Norm NTC 5880, Air Quality. Determination of Odour Concentration by Dynamic Olfactometry.

   The olfactometer used by GSA/TQI is the recent Scentroid SC300 and will allow to the industries in Colombia with a way to comply with the Resolution 1541 of 2013 approved by the Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

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