WG41 meeting in Barcelona

WG41meeting barcelona   WG41 is having an intensive year 2019 as more meetings than usual are happening this year. Last one took place in Barcelona, Spain only two months after the WG41 meeting in Bilbao, Spain. 12 experts from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain sat to discuss issues related to the use of Instrumental Odour Monitoring Systems (IOMS).

   Some very important issues were discussed during the meeting. One of them related to the Quality Assurance Levels (QAL) of the IOMS, to be precise with the QAL1. It seems that there will not be a specific group dealing with a procedure to demonstrate that the IOMS is suitable for the intended purpose before installation.

   For many reasons, Task Group 5 dealing with QAL1 and created in the meeting in Milan have been dissolved. So now not much work is being done on this quality check. However, the rest of task groups items are having a steady development. For example, the statistics of the validation regime in the case the IOMS detecting the presence or absence of odours was discussed in detail.

   Also, some ways of performing statistics in the case of IOMS quantifying odours were discussed. In this case, the work done by the CEN Working Group 42 that is dealing with air quality sensors is being quite inspirational.

  Meanwhile, more standards related to this WG41 are being published, such as the EN 17255-1:2019 on Data acquisition and handling systems (DAHS), released a few days ago. The part 1 of this important text is dealing with specification of requirements for the handling and reporting of data, key in IOMSs.


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