Gala Dinner OLORES19: Registration open

CENA DINNER OLORES19   On the evening of November 26, a gala dinner will be held at the Hotel Kennedy, located in Vitacura, Santiago. The gala dinner is the perfect occasion to establish professional relationships with other members of the sector in a more relaxed atmosphere.

   After an intense first day of the OLORES19 Conference, anyone who wishes to attend the gala dinner is more than welcome. This dinner, which will be held at the Hotel Kennedy Aquarium Restaurant, located a few meters from the Parque Arauco de Las Condes shopping center, Santiago, Chile, is now open to registration.

   The cost of the gala dinner will be 70 euros / 2 UF (VAT included) and will take place on Tuesday 26 November at 20:00 in the Aquarium Restaurant of the Kennedy Hotel, located at the Avenue Pdte. Kennedy Lateral 4570, in Vitacura, Santiago.

Don’t miss this opportunity and Register now!

   The dinner menu will consist of:

Welcome cocktail
4 cold snacks
4 hot bites
1 aperitif (pisco sour, champagne or glass of red or white wine)

1 aperitif (pisco sour or glass of sparkling wine Viña Mar Brut)
1 starter/appetizer
1 main course
1 dessert
Beverages: 1/2 bottle of reserva wine, 2 juices or drink, petit four, coffee, tea or infusions included

Spots are limited, so in order to attend this unavoidable important part of the event, we encourage you to register well in advance. Dinner registration will close the 25th November.

Note: In order to confirm your reservation, you must pay for the dinner in advance.
*Include food intolerances or allergies during the registration.

How to arrive there:

como llegar

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