A 2-min Video about the IV International Conference Olores.org 2017

2-min video    As in previous conferences, we have made a 2-min video to summarize the numbers of the IV International Conference on Environmental Odours and VOCs Management that took place in Valladolid, Spain, was very successful. We got a fantastic conference room, and we put there 152 attendants from around 15 countries who were avidly listening to over 40 presentations during these 2 days. Outside of the hall we set 9 booths and 7 posters. Every single paper was peer reviewed by a scientific committee of over 60 people. Enjoy the video!

   It is difficult to condensate in 2 minutes an event that took place in 2 days. Where do you cut? What do you include? After some though work with our partners, we are very proud with the result. Here you have this 2-minute video with some interesting highlights of this event.

   Enjoy it!



   We have tried to summarize in 2 minutes everything that happened in this 2-day conference. We also have a lot of material published in our YouTube channel, such as video presentations and articles presented in this event, and some short video introductions of our exhibitors.

   Watch more videos on our YouTube channel here!

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