A successful IWA odour and VOC conference in Hangzhou, China

IWA odours 2019 hanzhou

    The 8th IWA conference on odour and VOC/air emissions took place in the beautiful city of Hangzhou in China. This very well organized event attracted many people from different parts of the world to learn a bit more about odour management. Many interesting papers and posters were presented during this event. 

   According to the organizers, around 150 people gathered for three days in the beautiful city of Hangzhou in China to discuss the latest development on odour and VOC control. The opening keynote speeches were given by the very much well known Richard Stuetz, Jay Witherspoon and Mel Suffet, so the conference could not have a better start.

   Mr Stuetz spoke about the challenges in Sampling and Measuring Odours and Odorants. Later, Mr Witherspoon talked about Odour from wastewater treatment and biosolids and management strategies and finally Mr. Suffet presented the best Practices for monitoring Methods and Handling Complaints of Environmental Odors.

   The sessions dealt with, policy and associated regulations for odour and air quality, odour/VOC measurement, monitoring&sensor technologies, odour/VOC perception, impact, formation and dispersion, source characterisation odour/VOC mapping. odour/VOC abatement, mitigation and neutralization, odour/VOC from wastewater, sewer systems and livestock, air emissions and sustainable solutions for waste handling, community engagement, media and citizen action social and big data / data analytics

   A few more keynote speakers closed the venue. This time it was the turn of Gunther Schauberger, Dezhao Liu, Takaya Higuchi and the chief editor of this website ;-).

   All in all it was a very well organized event, with many interesting presentations that are moving forward a bit more the odour management state of science wheel.

   It was a pleasure attending this conference and being keynote speaker.of this event. Next time we will meet each other in Bilbao the 6th and 7th of October of 2021.


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