2013 CASANZ Conference. Odour Special Interest Group Workshop


The coming 21st International Clean Air and Environment Conference (7th to 11th September, 2013) in Sydney will have a special place for an Odour Special Interest Group Workshop. This workshop will take place on Sunday, the 8th of September, 2013. Odour is probably the most widespread and complex local air pollution problem in Australia and New Zealand. It accounts for the majority of complaints received by environmental authorities and can be a major source of annoyance and stress in affected communities.

Odour problems involve a complex set of scientific, analytical, technological, physiological and psychological factors. Effective long-term solutions to odour problems or effective planning to avoid such problems require an understanding of many of these factors. However, while the science surrounding odour is rapidly developing, there still remain major gaps in our knowledge of some of the key issues that are important to odour-related annoyance.

There are important challenges to the air quality community involved in odour to advance the technical, planning and regulatory aspects of odour assessment and management. OSIG is an important forum for the exchange of information, and in encouraging improved practices in odour measurement, modelling, assessment, control, management and monitoring.



Morning Sessions (with MOD SIG delegates)

0900 - 0905

Introduction and objectives

0905 - 0920

Issues from previous ModSIG workshops and webinars

-          TAPM performance under LWS

-          WA model performance evaluation

0920 – 0940

Accreditation of air quality modellers

0930 - 0950

The future of AUSPLUME v AERMOD

-          Graeme Ross (CAMM)

-          Paul Torre (EPAV)

0950 - 1020

CALPUFF update

-          Joe Scire and Jenny Barclay (Exponent)

-          Discussion

1020 – 1040

Morning Break

1040 – 1150

Peak-to-Mean Ratios: Time to Review?

-          Peak-to-Mean ratios (Owen Pitts)

-          Why bother if hourly averages work? (Robin Ormerod)

1150 -1230

Randomised (Monte Carlo) Simulation of Emissions

-          Includes application to odour and dust examples

1230 – 1330


Afternoon Sessions (Odour SIG only)

1330 - 1500

Special Interest Topics

  1. 1.Area source odour measurement: an innovative method based on pan evaporation data and the liquid odour measurement method (this was going to be a conference platform paper but will now be presented at the OSIG workshop instead) – Terry Schulz (30 mins including questions and discussion)
  2. 2.A new theoretical framework for developing odour criteria from first principles (this theory has formed the basis of the proposed regulatory framework in WA) – Dave Griffiths (30 mins including questions and discussion)
  3. 3.Third topic to be confirmed

1500 - 1530

Afternoon break

1530 – 1620

Quick Fire Topics (5-10 minutes each)

  • Around-the-room feedback from attendees – current issues relating to odour, and where are the interesting case studies happening (successes and failures)
  • Update on Standards (olfactometry and area source sampling)
  • Update on R&D over last 2 years in intensive farming odour emission databases and assessments
  • New Queensland regulatory approach to odour management (summarised by Geordie Galvin)
  • CASANZ Odour Control Course 2014
  • Joint OSIG/WMAA Odour Session at ENVIRO 2014
  • Future webinar and workshop topics/ideas for networking - getting more out of OSIG
  • General (open floor discussion, attendees welcome to present any topic or case study relevant to OSIG member interests)

1620- 1630


-          Issues arising from today’s workshop and ACTION ITEMS.

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