ALPHACHEM will take part in the 9th IWA Odours Conference as a Silver Sponsor

silver Alphachem   We are glad to announce that a new silver sponsor will join us at 9th international conference on Odours and VOCs in Bilbao, Spain on the 26th and 27th of October. We would like thank them and welcome ALPACHEM's team to the conference!

   ALPHACHEM is a company founded in 2012, integrated in the Greenkeeper Iberia group and formed by professionals with extensive experience in the chemical filtration of air and gases. They offer products and equipment for air/gas treatment as well as for effluent purification.

    By means of chemical filtration they develop the most suitable solutions for the protection of electrical rooms against environmental corrosion, the deodorisation of a single source of odour or the entire water treatment plants, as well as for the elimination of gases in closed environments, or the purification of indoor air both in industry and in public buildings.

   Their services include manufacturing, distribution and supply of filter media for air and gas treatment and customised design and supply of different types of filtration equipment for air purification in general. They specialiase in the deodorisation and control of corrosive gases to environmental corrosivity studies in electrical rooms and analysis of chemical adsorbents to determine their remaining activity, among many others.

   According to statements made by the company "ALPHACHEM and the entire GREENKEEPER IBERIA group are delighted to participate as Silver Sponsor in the 9th IWA Conference on Odours and VOCs/Atmospheric Emissions. We find in this event an excellent opportunity to share initiatives, knowledge and experiences related to air treatment in order to contribute to the development of this field.

   Alphachem, once integrated in the company Greenkeeper Iberia, offers air and gas filtration solutions that contribute to the improvement of the relationship between industry and the environment, with different types of equipment incorporating activated carbon, alumina or zeolite filter media, manufactured in the facilities of Villacañas, Toledo, the largest and most modern in Europe for this type of chemical adsorbents."

   If you want to know more information about Alpachem and their projects, you can visit their website here or check out their booth during the conference.

   Register to the conference here or check everything this conference has to offer here.


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