Odours in the Environment (update)

The 3rd Conference organized by the VDI association in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature 

Odours in the environment

Conservation and Nuclear Safety of Germany and the support of the International Association of Olfactometry and the organization DKV is providing, this time, simultaneous translation German/English. 

 Therefore, this is a good opportunity to meet some interesting people at the wide German Group and to know more about the recent advances in research and in some important German guidelines. 

As an appetizer here you find the conference subjects.


10:00  Opening and welcome Dr. rer.nat. Ralf Both
10:15   What do the neighbours in Europe do when it's smelly? Anton Philip (Ton) van Harreveld, MSc


Moderation: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dietmar Mannebeck.

11:00  The new Guideline on odour in Ambient Air 2008 and first practical experience Dr. rer.nat. Ralf Both.
11:30  The new Guideline on odour in Ambient Air 2008 from a lawyer's point of view - legal classification and implementation in the German case law Dr. Katharina Mohr.
12:00   Poster presentation Moderation: Dr. rer.nat. Ralf Both
12:30   Lunch 


Moderation: Dr. rer.nat. Ralf Both

13:30   Difficulties in applying of VDI Guideline 3940 Part 2 -Plume measurement - Are there any alternatives? Dipl.-Met. CMet, FRMetS Wernerjürgen Kost
14:00  Comparison of an odour grid measurement in accordance with the Guideline on odour in Ambient Air 2008 with a 5-week-on-line odour measurement at a mechanical-biological waste treatment plant Dr. Dipl. Biol. Ludger Hering.
 14:30   Evaluation of measurement uncertainties concerning odour impact by means of diffusion modelling Heinz-Gerd Grabowski.
15:00   Coffee break
15:30   Interlaboratory Comparison for Dynamic Olfactometry in 2009. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Bjorn Maxeiner.
16:00   Interlaboratory comparison test as a tool for quality assurance in accreditation, acknowledgement and surveillance of testing laboratories doing measurements for regulatory purposes. Dr. Detlef Wagner.


Moderation: Dipl.-Met. Uwe Hartmann

16:30    Dispersion modelling in complex terrain - prognostic wind field libraries. Dr. Markus Hasel.
17:00   Modelling of odour emissions and annoyance from compost works. Dr. Dietmar Öttl.
17:30   Accreditation concerning odour impact forecasts: options, requirements, needs Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Suritsch.
18:00   Closure of the session



Moderation: Dr. Isabelle Franzen-Reuter.

09:00 VDI 3883 - Assessment of odour annoyance -the revised Guideline. Dr. rer.nat. Kirsten Sucker.
09:30   Guidelines VDI 3940 Part 3 - Odour Intensity and Hedonic Odour Tone in the Ambient Air - and Part 4 -Polarity Profiles. Dipl.-Ing. Frank Müller.
10:00  VDI 3880 - Sampling Olfactometry Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dietmar Mannebeck.
10:30  Coffee break
11:15   Status Quo VDI 3894 Emissions and Nuisance from Animal Husbandry Installations Prof. Dr. habil. Eberhard Hartung.


Moderation: Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hartung

11:45   Gas Emissions from Cattle Farming in Estonia Marek Maasikmets M.Sc
12:15  Odour emissions from refineries - causal research by emission models, olfactometric measurements and air dispersion modelling Dr. rer.nat. Matthias Hender.
12:45  Lunch
13:45  Monitoring programme "Smell of exhaust emissions from combined heat and power plants (CHP)" Torsten Moczigemba.
14:15  Estimation of odour pollution by wood combustion in residential areas. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Bächlin.
14:45 Tests of manhole filters in sewer systems. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franz-Bernd Frechen.
15:15 Closing statement Dr. rer.nat. Ralf Both.
15:30 End of the event


  1. Quality Requirements on Odour Dispersion Calculations. Dipl.-Met. Claus-Jürgen Richter
  2. Gas stream pump for the dynamic Pre-dilution on odour sampling Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Liebich.
  3. Odour Dispersion Calculations for Biogas Plants Considering the Local Meteorological Conditions, in particular Cold Air Drainage Flows Dipl.-Met. Hans-Christian Hofl.
  4. Viewing of possibilities for a solution to reduce odour emission at coffee shop roasters and current realisation. Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Moller-Willenberg.
  5. Changes of odour immission situation in Neuss harbour: abatement strategy and development potentials. Dipl.-Met. Uwe Hartmann.
  6. Odour emissions and nuisance of asphalt mixing plants Dipl.-Phys. Ludger Gronewáller.
  7. Minimising odour emissions from large sewer systems by dosage process control. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franz-Bernd Frechen.
  8. Methods for Online Odour Measurements (Electronic Noses) - Implementation and Evaluation. Priv.-Doz. Dr. rer.nat. Peter Boeker.
  9. Evaluating odour emissions with the aid of the odour Index. Dr.-Ing. Mirko Schlegelmilch.
  10. Presentation of the International Association of Applied Olfactometry (IAAO) Simon Rützel-Grünberg.


 Any other detail about this Conference can be found on the web site of the event www.vdi.de/gerueche2009 which is, so far, just in German. In any case, in this web site it is possible to find the Conference Program in both German and English by just clicking in the pdf link "Link zum aktuellen Programm", or just clicking here.


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