Logo INTERCinD   LabService Analytica , OdorPrep ™ producer, is organizing for the very first time a proficiency test for Dinamic Olfactometry through its InterCinD Division Accredited ISO EN IEC 17043:2010.

   InterCinD is already accredited for PTs for dioxins and PCBs so they have a broad experience in organizing this kind of tests.  This Proficiency Test is organized following the Accredited PTP consolidated procedures and according to the European Standard EN13725.  The organizers are encouraging other labs to participate to get the needed accreditation for the next edition.

P21Ip   The quality and technical development of an olfactometry laboratory is not free of setbacks and deviations, which are often ignored or even unknown. These can be found in every step of the laboratory procedure, selection and calibration of panelists, sampling, olfactometry analysis and results.

   After twenty years of experience and being participating in a proficiency test since 2010, the factors that may influence in our successful performance were analyzed. The results of this analysis lead to a general review of the other activities and processes of the laboratory.

I. Muñoz*, V. Zorich

Envirometrika - Santiago, Chile


ILC20   Once again, the German company Olfasense is behind the organization of the 2020 proficiency test for Dynamic Olfactometry according to the European Standard EN 13725. The registration period fo this test has started and organizers invite laboratories from different countries to participate in this ILC2020 test.

   The EN 13725 interlaboratory comparison test allows odour laboratories all around the world to demonstrate compliance with their performance requirements and compare the performance of any laboratory internationally. This is essential for those laboratories that maintain ISO 17025 accreditation.

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