A New Interlaboratory Profiency Test for EN13725 organized by the Italian company LabService Analytica

Logo INTERCinD   LabService Analytica , OdorPrep ™ producer, is organizing for the very first time a proficiency test for Dinamic Olfactometry through its InterCinD Division Accredited ISO EN IEC 17043:2010.

   InterCinD is already accredited for PTs for dioxins and PCBs so they have a broad experience in organizing this kind of tests.  This Proficiency Test is organized following the Accredited PTP consolidated procedures and according to the European Standard EN13725.  The organizers are encouraging other labs to participate to get the needed accreditation for the next edition.

   InterCinD PT-ODOR will offer 3 levels of n-butanol and 1 level for THT (tetrahydrothiophene) to test Laboratory performance as required by EN13725. The testing of the samples must be carried out in week 21 between 18 May and 24 May 2020 and at the end of this Scheme, QA/QC material will be available for participant Labs.

   InterCinD Team is encouraging to olfactometric labs to participate in this PT this way they will get the accreditation needed. In return, they will offer very important discounts on the next Accredited PT to the first 10 LABS that will subscribe from this Newsletter.

   For more info about this new Interaboratory Comparison test, contact the organizers here.

   Here you have a link with more details about this new PT.


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