Update on the state of OLORES19 due to recent episodes happening in Chile

Protests in Chile   There are a few things happening in Chile in these days, and we are well aware that many of you are concerned about this news. Many protests have been happening in Santiago, in the past involving violence and at this stage there are ongoing general peaceful demonstrations.  So here you have an update of things happening in Santiago, Chile and about the steps we are taking to deal with these issues in our OLORES19 Conference on  environmental odour and VOC management.

  First, we would like to let you know that we are going ahead with the event. There are still 32 days for the conference and it looks that things are settling down and people are returning to their daily life. However, it is difficult to estimate how long this situation will last and how it will affect to the people attending to this conference.

   We are meeting regularly with our Chilean partners to discuss organizational issues and to comment on the state of things in Santiago. Last meeting was yesterday and according to our local partners, there is little chance that these events will affect the conference at this stage. However, as mentioned before, we are concerned about the situation, and we will do a continuous follow up to take immediate action, in case things do not improve along time.

  Some infrastructures have been damaged. The underground train network of Santiago is partially working at this stage. Many metro stations have been damaged but many volunteers and metro staff are helping out to have the metro stations in working conditions. The line 1, which is the one that may affect the conference the most, is now practically operational. We recommend you to stay in hotels close to the event, so that there will be no need to use the Metro network.

   The organization will be staying at the Ibis Santiago Manquehue Norte Hotel, but there are other hotels nearby. You can find more information about where to stay in Santiago in this link.


Photo: Carlos Figueroa. Wikipedia


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