Nasapp presents its version 5.0 with more features and new website

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 Nasapp 5
  Nasapp is an odour pollution management system that works through citizen participation. This App for smartphones is available on Android and IOS platforms.

   Nasapp has been in the market for 5 years now, throughout which it has gone through a process of constant improvement. To this day, Nasapp has been used in more than 30 projects, custom-designed, to address odour pollution issues in several countries.


   In this last update, Nasapp allows for the first time an option of free open use for citizens who need a robust working platform to collect every odour nuisance detected in the community and to be able to present a factual report of the situation in the local administration.

   Nasapp also introduces new features in its Pro version, where the functionality can be expanded with payment modules, such as PrOlor air-mass modelling, real time local meteorology, new functions to implement internal control systems and field inspections applying VDI 3940 protocols or the European Standard EN 16841-2: Determination of odour in ambient air by means of field inspections: plume method.

   This way, Nasapp allows the possibility of managing immission and emission studies within the same platform, providing an effective communication in real time.

   Nasapp 5.0 come with a new website, a new friendly interface, lots of information, description of application scenarios and a worldwide map of odour records collection made with the Nasapp smartphone app. Find out more about Nasapp here.

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