European EN13725 Proficiency Test released by InterCinD

PT2022Intercind   InterCinD, an independent business unit of the Italian company Lab Service Analytica Srl has opened the registration for the annual Proficiency Test for Olfactometry based on the new EN 13725:2022. European olfactometric laboratories are invited to participate in this edition to confirm compliance with the performance criteria.

   The measurements for the proficiency test will be carried out between October and November 2022. If your lab is interested in participating in this interlaboratory proficiency test, you are encouraged to confirm your participation the soonest.

   As last year, in addition to 1-butanol samples, InterCinD offers an option to measure samples of Tetrahydrothiophen (THT), which will provide the labs the possibility to compare performance for THT with other participating laboratories.

   Remember to register and confirm your participation by the 31st of July 2022.

   Download subscription form here. Shipment will take place the 3rd week of October 2022.

   Contact the organizers here for more info!


Cyntia Izquierdo

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